Charles Marto, President & CEO

Charles Marto, president and CEO of volo events, an award winning large scale event production company

Charles Marto is the founder and CEO of VOLO Events Agency. VOLO Events Agency is in the business of providing integrated marketing services that help companies achieve increased market share and brand awareness; with a core competency in the development and 360-degree management of events (celebrity entertainment concerts, corporate sales meetings and customer conferences, award shows, immersive brand experiences, network television specials, product launches) and their associated environments, exhibits, marketing communications and multi-media.

Charles is a Primetime Emmy-winning Producer, with 35 years of experience that includes working on events for companies such as Apple Computer, McDonald’s, McAfee Security, IBM, CSX Transportation, JCPenney, and with artists that include Andre Bocelli and Celine Dion.

In his role as CEO of VOLO Events Agency, Charles often takes on the role as Event Executive Producer; accountable for front-to-back event success, including: pre-event strategy and planning, on-site executive project management for creative, production and technical, and post-show wrap-up and financial reconciliation.


Product Launch Event

PacBio challenged VOLO Product Launch Events Agency to design and produce a game-changing experience to launch and celebrate its two groundbreaking DNA sequencing products during the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) conference – on a scant 70-day schedule!
The challenge also included making PacBio top-of-mind in the genomics research community, setting a goal of having 300 highly qualified decision makers attend the event.