VOLO Events Agency
is a leading producer of live events
and experiential marketing
for global brands.

VOLO brings decades of insight, experience and success
to live event production and integrated experiential marketing
services for Fortune Global 1000 companies.

VOLO is led by Primetime Emmy Award-winning Producer,
Charles Marto, who for 32 years has produced notable events,
network television celebrity music specials and
immersive experiences for brands including…


VOLO provides experiential marketing campaigns, event production and event management services.

Corporate Event Management and Production

VOLO Events provides turnkey corporate events agency services for producing corporate events of all types. From live event production to leadership conferences and a new product launch, we will work towards your end objective, considering your specific requirements and exceeding any expectations you may have, all whilst delivering value for money and providing inspiration to your guests with our corporate events production service. We aim to truly understand your goals as an organization, showcase your prestige, maintaining your overall brand, and provide an unforgettably unique experience to demonstrate your creative brilliance.

Celebrity Branded Entertainment

Music has the exceptional ability to change a mood, shift an atmosphere, and encourage different behavior – all of which can be replicated at your event. VOLO Events Agency has deep ties with the music industry, spanning virtually every musical genre, so we completely understand its strength and potential for emotional impact in targeted corporate event management applications. We can artfully match the skills and talents of celebrity performers with your event, your message, your brand, your corporate culture and the expectations of your audience. From artist booking, live event production and audiovisuals to stage management – we handle everything from start to finish.

Experiential Marketing & Integrated Campaigns

From live event production to leadership conferences and new product launch, as an experiential marketing agency, we blend various media elements to trigger a more visceral experience that envelops your consumers. VOLO Events Agency will become a vital extension of your organization, where our experienced professionals will collaborate with your corporate communications team, and assigned marketing agencies, to deliver an experience unique for your company and brand. We are organized, focused and prepared, with the ability to align strategies, content, implementation and expected outcomes across all marketing channels simultaneously. By blending these media elements, the brand reinforcement is more inclusive, more striking, more memorable and more effective in the long term.

Creative Media Production

From primetime network television specials and original music to standalone videos, print, multimedia, integrated social media, and webcasts, here at VOLO Events Agency, we completely understand the importance of telling a compelling story through different mediums. Standalone event production projects need to have the ability to connect with clarity and purpose, moving both the concept and the event forward with reinforcing continuity. You would be working with our diverse network of industry experts who can engage your clients and audiences, using their innovative way of thinking – curating a second-to-none, creative media experience that is guaranteed to turn heads. This extensive portfolio includes celebrated composers, art directors, writers and cinematographers to designers, producers, and directors.

Exhibits, Displays & Environments

No matter whether you are looking to create an elaborate, hard-goods display at a major trade show, or would like to transform an open space, VOLO Events Agency can provide exceptional dimensional communications services. We completely understand and appreciate the importance of an ‘environment’ for an event, where the receptivity and visceral experience will convey more information to an attendee more than any words, or graphics on their own. Each of our solutions is brand or corporate-focused, where we engage the audiences by utilizing our expertise in strategic marketing communications. Our distinctive installations are always designed to convey a dramatic impact, leveraging our wealth of experience to create masterful environments for your event.

Fabric Tent Structures

Something that VOLO prides itself on is the fact that location is never a problem, as we bring decades of insight, experience, and success to event production with our world-class, onsite tent rental services. We can enhance the location you already have for your corporate events by building a sense of community with your brand and managing all aspects of the complicated projects with our clearspan structures. The VOLO Events Agency team can erect a fully-functional event venue within a matter of days, and then dismantle and remove it just as quickly. This would be conducted without site damage, solving any challenges they may come across from start to finish, whilst maximizing your budget.

Artist Booking

With over 32 years of experience building lasting relationships with performers around the globe, VOLO Events Agency has the highly sought-after ability to expertly manage every detail of artist participation in your event. There is a lot to consider when you choose a performer for your event, taking into consideration your budget, the artist’s requirements, venue capabilities and more – but VOLO Events will take care of these aspects for you. As a booking agency, we have your best interests at heart and are there to represent you, rather than the artist. We work on your behalf to confirm the finer details, whilst ensuring the corporate event entertainment provides the maximum, positive impact possible on your brand’s awareness, target audience and the event itself.


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