Hospitality at Republican National Convention

Case Study: Large Event Tent & Production


CSX desired to provide a luxury hospitality experience for customers, lobbyists, and legislators attending the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL. Furthermore, CSX would provide 24/7 amenities to the thousands of law enforcement personnel associated with the event. The location was required to be at or within walking distance of the Convention, however, the only available space was an active open CSX railyard in close proximity. There were severe logistical challenges as well as complex regulatory and security requirements associated with the use of this location.

CSX Hospitality Event

A “hospitality” oasis within the active railyard utilizing luxury and historic railcars that could accommodate thousands of daily visitors.

Republican National Convention Event

Project execution included:

  • Sophisticated infrastructure development – power, water, tenting, flooring, walkways, signage, fencing, and other.
  • Effectively addressed all fire, building, electrical, permit, FEMA, ADA, and security requirements.
  • 17 days on site – six days set-up, six days of operation, and five days breakdown.
  • Precise traffic flow plan to ensure safety (this was an active railyard), operational efficiency, and exceptional guest experience.
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Six days of positive public relations with thousands of influential attendees and law enforcement who could conveniently access CSX hospitality and return to the convention in a timely manner.

Clearspan Tent Rental

VOLO’s Charles Marto was the executive producer and producer of this project while serving as EVP Operations and Principal of Executive Visions Inc.

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