Experiential Marketing Agency

As an Experiential Marketing Agency, VOLO believes that any marketing communications undertaking must set into motion much more than media, medium and message – it must also trigger a more visceral experience that envelops the consumer or customer, the product or service and the brand. We believe this holistic, integrated programs approach to brand reinforcement is more inclusive, more striking, more memorable and more effective – leveraging multiple disciplines and cross-media brand building to blend media elements into a dynamic, more strategic platform to better meet your objectives.

We will seamlessly partner with your corporate communications team and assigned marketing agencies, as required, to align strategies, content, implementation and expected outcomes across all marketing channels.

VOLO integrates program components like Branded Celebrity Entertainment, Live Concerts, Original Broadcast Television Programming, Social Responsibility, Tour Sponsorships, Advertising, Web/Online, PR, Print, Radio, Social Media Campaigns, Original Content, Retail Cross Promotion, Point of Purchase, and Co-Branded Sponsorships.

By strategically engaging the audience across multiple media platforms simultaneously, the result is often a deeper, more emotional connection that fosters longer-term commitment and performance.


The Concert for America’s Kids

JCPenney Jam was an “ongoing” initiative, strategically linked to the JCP business plan that created a unique lifestyle connection with contemporary music and millions of consumers through merchandising, advertising, promotion, online activities, live events and PR … and more. The creative centerpiece was a CBS primetime network special featuring a mega-list of iconic musical artists.