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What is Experiential Marketing? How Can It Help You?

Experiential marketing is here to stay, focusing primarily on the consumer experience by carrying out several different marketing and advertising actions through corporate event entertainment. This type of marketing revolves around evoking an emotional connection between your audience and your brand with immersive, impactful experiences.  Modern experiential campaigns are designed to blend physical and virtual worlds, adding value to a targeted group of people who mean something to your business. Although using brand experience and emotion to sell products is not a new tactic, experiential marketing modernises these selling methods and uses out-of-the-box ideas which draw people in and [...]

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The Compelling Benefits Of Working With A Corporate Event Planner

It can be a tremendously difficult experience trying to organize a corporate event yourself. You may not have the insight and previous success to carry out such a task, as it takes a lot to perform miracles with a limited budget and timeline.  Some would say that it’s a full-time job in itself, as everything about the event should help create an experience for your visitors, whilst reinforcing your brand and message, both of which should be huge priorities. Unfortunately, most organizations do not have the expertise to take on such an important challenge internally - which is why it [...]

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