It can be a tremendously difficult experience trying to organize a corporate event yourself. You may not have the insight and previous success to carry out such a task, as it takes a lot to perform miracles with a limited budget and timeline. 

Some would say that it’s a full-time job in itself, as everything about the event should help create an experience for your visitors, whilst reinforcing your brand and message, both of which should be huge priorities. Unfortunately, most organizations do not have the expertise to take on such an important challenge internally – which is why it is advised to work with a corporate event planner.

First-hand Corporate Event Experience 

When organizing an event, there are a multitude of tasks that need to be completed, which can be a strenuous task if you are not well-versed in the planning process. However, by working with a corporate event planner, you can take advantage of their fine-tuned time management skills. With decades of experience, they can ensure that all suppliers are booked and arrive on time, flawlessly executing the occasion for you and your guests. 

Rather than just looking at the logistics of your bespoke events, corporate event planners will take into consideration the needs of the audience from start to finish; without losing scope of your budget and finding themselves in an overcomplicated situation. You can give them a basic outline of what you want and they will take care of bringing that vision to life.

Outstanding Resources 

By working with a team of corporate event planning specialists, they will already have a list of vetted vendor partners and established teams needed to pull in to get the job done. They will have the ability to have more control of costs, timelines, and quality, with extensive knowledge and wisdom regarding the latest trends, newest venues, budget-saving secrets and details that you may not be aware of. 

Managing Your Corporate Event Budget

As we have briefly touched upon, by working with a corporate event management team they will be able to handle all aspects of your budget. They are skilled professionals who have established relationships with hotels, venues, and suppliers and can negotiate excellent rates on your behalf. Your costs will be tracked from the offset, and it will be in their best interest to keep everything in line with the agreed budget. 

Professional event planners also have vast experience when it comes to areas where costs can be cut, therefore actually saving money. They will know how to ensure that you are getting what you want, as they are not afraid to pressure a supplier or vendor if needed.

Superior Organization Skills

Time management is a huge part of organizing an event, as in the time leading up to big day, many tasks that need to be completed, confirmed or checked, to ensure the event is delivered on time and within budget. 

If you are part of a larger organization and are trying to juggle your own responsibilities and personal commitments, planning a corporate event yourself can be very difficult to manage. A dedicated corporate planner will go all the way to ensure that your event meets all the set deadlines, is full of flair, whilst being within your budget.

About VOLO Events Agency

As an organization, VOLO Events Agency has over three decades of exceptional experience in the corporate events management industry, where we can happily become your go-to partner to plan your event. From product launches, award ceremonies to corporate entertainment, we have the insight, experience, and success in the events industry that you desire so we can flawlessly execute your project. Our reputation for our client support and reliability is second-to-none, which proves our unrelenting commitment to excellence and integrity as an events company. 

No matter what you are looking to achieve, it has always been our mission to craft quality experiential marketing solutions for our clients, so we have the ability to fulfill your brand strategies and satisfy your stated objectives. With the best minds in the business at every skill level, including Emmy winning Producer Charles Marto, you know we are the brand experience agency to help implement the perfect strategy when we plan an event.


Gala Film Launch
Theatrical Animation

VOLO’s challenge was to create from scratch – from a blank sheet of paper to animated images on the screen – a story that embraced both legacy and new Gala characters on an adventure into the future – where Gala Film would emerge. All of this on short notice and within the “churn” of one of the most ambitious event productions in industry history.