Experiential marketing is here to stay, focusing primarily on the consumer experience by carrying out several different marketing and advertising actions through corporate event entertainment. This type of marketing revolves around evoking an emotional connection between your audience and your brand with immersive, impactful experiences. 

Modern experiential campaigns are designed to blend physical and virtual worlds, adding value to a targeted group of people who mean something to your business. Although using brand experience and emotion to sell products is not a new tactic, experiential marketing modernises these selling methods and uses out-of-the-box ideas which draw people in and leave them wanting more. Experiential marketing is designed to develop stronger, meaningful and permanent connections with consumers, more than any other marketing method ever could.

How does experiential marketing work?

There is such huge competition out there for businesses across the globe, which means professionals are constantly trying to develop new ideas to ensure they stand out against other people in the industry with their marketing strategy. Experiential marketing campaigns are a way of thinking with a different approach, getting inside the mind of your target audience and understanding exactly what excites them. Curating emotions is the most important thing, as this is what builds memories, and the experiences are what drive purchases to even happen. The more prominent your event is, the more likely people are to react with you, and in turn, your business. 

To be successful with experiential marketing, you need to think about building an experience that people are going to remember, awakening every sense. By taking into consideration how the consumer would feel, this can enhance the relationship the brand has with the customer, evoking a long-lasting memory of the brand or product with global events.

Is experiential marketing a valuable investment for your corporate event? 

Focusing your attention on building experiences that accomplish something is essentially what experiential marketing does. These experiences are more likely to add value to someone’s day, as they are memorable, meaningful, and impactful. The market is incredibly oversaturated, so your business investments must be worthwhile. Storytelling is a powerful tool which can ensure you stand out, and experiential marketing lends itself to storytelling extremely well, allowing consumers to make stronger connections to brands with truly emotional responses. 

When organising a corporate event, growing numbers of marketers are allocating more budget to experiential marketing and working with experiential marketing companies. This because it is no longer enough to tell your audience why the brand is the best, as they might not always receive the message, but allowing them to experience something first-hand, this is what will stick with them for years to come.

How can VOLO Events help you? 

As an experiential marketing agency, we are devoted to curating visceral experiences for our clients with our event management services. We truly believe in developing inclusive, more striking, memorable and more effective experiences for consumers which are going to have the most impact for the brand. Through the power of storytelling, VOLO Events can create the emotional responses that many marketers strive to achieve from their audience. 

With decades of experience, no matter whether you are looking to put together a live event, trade show, product launches or organise an awards ceremony, we can craft quality experiential marketing solutions for our clients. Our corporate events agency was established by Emmy winning Producer Charles Marto, and have access to the best minds in the business at every skill level, so you know we are the organisation you need to contact for your entire event production and event design.


Into the Galaverse Europe

After the monumental success of GALA’s “Into The Galaverse” launch – Las Vegas in December 2021 –and the GALA MUSIC launch on-site at the Superbowl in February 2022 – GALA tasked VOLO Events Agency with finding a suitable venue in Europe to perform the Galaverse show. And this time, GALA raised the ante – they wanted to execute an event even more epic than the Las Vegas show.