Volo Events Agency Exhibits, Displays, Environments

Exhibits, displays, and environments are the most common forms of what VOLO refers to as Dimensional Communications – distinctive installations with some combination of length, width, height and depth.

Messaging experts at The Center for Creative Excellence estimate that up to 67% of message retention is based on the “environment” within which that message performs – a much larger role in information receptivity and visceral experience than words and/or graphics alone.  That is why, they explain, that “live” theater often conveys more dramatic impact than even the very best motion picture.

Dimensional Communications lead with environment.

Executions may range from an elaborate, hard-goods display at a major trade show or exhibition to transforming open space into a purpose-driven experience – or any of a host of diverse specialty applications.

Dimensional Communications are often brand or corporate focused, rich with interactive technologies and activated with visual and content imagination – engaging the audience at every turn, and leveraging the full range of VOLO’s expertise in strategic marketing communications.

Our project experience includes: Product Launches, Sales Meetings, Management Conferences, Customer Events, Employee Events, Recognition Events, Dealer Meetings, Franchisee Meetings, Distributor Meetings, Leadership Conferences, Investor Relations Meetings, Sporting Events, Grand Openings, Corporate Anniversary Celebrations, Training & Information Events, Technology Demonstrations, Exhibits and Showcases, to name a few.

Dimensional Communications services may include, but are not limited to:

  • Environmental design and renderings
  • Scale modeling
  • Engineering, CAD and technical schematics
  • Fabrication
  • Content creation
  • Media development and production
  • A/V integration
  • Product Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Logistics and Installation
  • Service and Maintenance