In today’s modern age, the technology underlying fabric structures has evolved considerably. Tension Fabric Structures offer great opportunities for a wide variety of different projects. In recent years, both owners and developers have discovered the wide range of benefits when working with these structures. With Tension Fabric Structures you can create a strong, visual focal point with excellent architectural effects.

Supported by a heavy duty extruded aluminum box over the entire width of the tent, these structures have fabric panels run through channels for a tight, clean, compact fit.. These versatile structures and be quickly installed in many different environments, Our team at VOLO Events, has the insight, experience and industry success to flawlessly execute your project.

When can Tension Fabric Structures be used?

These structures can be used for a variety of applications, especially because they are more lightweight and easier to move from one location to another. They are perfect as permanent or semi-permanent structures and can be used for maintenance and warehousing, construction projects, and commercial projects – just as a few examples.

What are the benefits of using Tension Fabric Structures?


Compared to traditional construction projects, the installation of these Tension Fabric Structures is much faster. They can usually be installed three times faster than conventional structures and while designed for permanent use, they can also be designed to be portable.

Tension Fabric Structures are customizable and flexible and can meet your changing needs. The VOLO Events team has years of experience in creating custom solutions for our clients. If you have an urgent requirement for a durable, cost-effective building solution, a VOLO Tension Fabric Structure would be the perfect solution for you.


Tension Fabric Structures are a more cost effective solution when compared to traditional building materials as they involve minimal architectural planning, faster build times and less expensive materials. You have the ability to save money on lighting and energy costs with fabric structures, since they are translucent and let in natural light. Translucent fabric allows the tents to remain warm in the winter and cool during the summer, further saving on energy costs associated with running heating and cooling systems.

The coverings of fabric buildings also require almost no maintenance and can be coated to resist the damage caused by UV exposure in extreme climates. This is unlike traditional buildings, which require frequent repainting – as an example – when exposed to normal weather conditions including wind, rain, and snow.


One of the major benefits of this kind of structure is the fact they can be designed and constructed to fit your specific needs and requirements. Our Tension Fabric Structures have numerous different uses and can hold many different forms. Their design allows you to create a strong, visual focal point and can be used as exhibition venues, warehousing facilities and storage buildings.

Tension Fabric Structures offer a spacious, comfortable interior environment which can be designed and built to serve a variety of industrial purposes-often in challenging circumstances. The structures are also excellent additions to existing buildings and can act as canopies, skylights, sheltered walkways, shaded areas or atrium roofing.

How can VOLO Events Agency help you?

When you decide to work with VOLO, all aspects of your project will be handled by our expert team. We have access to the best minds in the business at every skill level. VOLO’s turnkey service includes everything from architectural design, construction, scheduling, logistics, permitting, and safety inspections. When required, we can erect a fully-functional event venue within a matter of days, then dismantle and remove it just as quickly without site damage. The security of your Tension Fabric Structure can also be enhanced via hard-sided walls, taller sidewalls and roll-up doors.

From specialty structures to product launches, award ceremonies and corporate entertainment, we have over three decades of experience to help implement the perfect strategy for your needs. We are organized, focused and prepared, offering a range of package prices for tent rentals depending on the scope of your project. If you would like to find out some more information about what we can offer you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Custom Steel Framed Tension Fabric Structure

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