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The annual Lions Clubs International Convention is a massive event attended by more than 20,000 members and their families from more than 130 countries and geographic areas. This year’s event was held in Hamburg, Germany, with the highlight to be the presentation of the Lions Humanitarian Award, the highest honor of the association, to international superstar tenor Andrea Bocelli, founder of Andrea Bocelli Foundation. Lions Clubs have worked on projects designed to prevent blindness, restore eyesight and improve eye health and eye care for hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Indeed, sight is one of Lions defining causes…making Andrea Bocelli (who himself is blind) and his foundation an interestingly relevant match for not just the award, but also the Lions Clubs brand and mission. Previous recipients have included President Jimmy Carter, Mother Teresa, and Nancy Reagan. Member expectations would be high, and ensuring high-profile participation by Bocelli would be a challenge of paramount importance.

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A longstanding relationship that included producing several successful corporate and network television events with Bocelli led directly to securing the star’s commitment despite numerous potential scheduling conflicts. Familiarity with his team, technical requirements, and personal preferences ultimately provided the reassurance required that all logistical issues could be overcome. Bocelli would accept the prestigious award in person, speak to the convention…and he would perform.

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To ensure audience engagement, musical entertainment elements were incorporated throughout the three-day convention. These elements included concert pianist, composer, and vocalist Geanina and American Idol’s Jeremy Rosado accompanied by a 40-voice youth choir, as well as a video montage celebrating Lions Clubs worldwide reach set to a custom arrangement of John Lennon’s Imagine. However, all this was punctuated with a performance by Andrea Bocelli himself.

A performance by one of the most acclaimed vocalists on the planet is no small matter. VOLO’s track-record of excellence in precision sound design and technical rider supervision was integral to Bocelli’s decision to perform. In addition to the added complexities of producing a major event within a major event, all logistics, negotiations, and permissions were handled to ensure successful execution.

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Twenty thousand elated members who were, once again, profoundly gratified by their decision to travel from all parts of the world and congregate for one of the most impactful conventions in Lions Clubs history. With the appearance and subsequent performance, VOLO delivered on Lions Clubs’ goal to raise awareness by connecting with the powerful celebrity brand of Bocelli in support of a common cause. The only aspect more flawless than the event execution was the flawless performance given by the man who some claim to possess “the most beautiful voice in the world”.

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