Bush Brothers

100 Year Celebration

Case Study: Corporate Event Marketing Agency


Celebrate 100 years of family-owned success with employees, senior management and key suppliers in the historic, 19th Century Tennessee Theater in Knoxville.

Celebrity Branded Entertainment Company

To commemorate such a prestigious and historic event fitting both the occasion and the venue, an evening of unique entertainment was chosen as the centerpiece of celebratory festivities. And only a renowned celebrity performer with popularity in both contemporary and country music styles – like Martina McBride – would have been a suitable recommendation. She was. And Martina didn’t disappoint.

Experiential Marketing Event Agency
  • Martina performed for nearly two hours with her usual stunning vocals, hit songs and warm audience interaction – paying appropriate tribute to the company milestone
  • Spectacular lighting and sound reinforced Martina’s magnificent performance
  • Motion graphics on surrounding LED video panels painted pictorial imagery for Martina’s songs – much like a “live” and tasteful music-video storybook – for the audience to follow with their eyes, their ears and their hearts
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It was a very special concert for a very special occasion and masterful corporate event marketing which Bush Brothers CEO Jim Ethier said would be, “remembered for years to come.” 100 more sounds about right.

Event Production Agency

Produced by Executive Visions Inc., a company co-founded by VOLO’s Charles Marto who served as EVP Operations and Principal nearly three decades.

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