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Custom Trade Show Exhibit


This custom trade show booth highlights the successful partnership between VOLO Events Agency, Gala Music, and Gala Games, prominent entities in the music and gaming industries. VOLO was tasked with creating a fully immersive custom trade show exhibit for the Pollstar! Live and GDC events that would be a visually stunning environment that left a lasting impression on attendees. VOLO was given 10 days to ideate, design and manufacture the exhibit.

  • Develop an immersive and interactive custom trade show booth for Gala Music and Gala Games with an abbreviated timeline – in this case, 10 days
  • Incorporate elements such as a bar area, gaming stations, and daily-changing food trucks to enhance attendee engagement.
  • Create a visually stunning environment through custom millwork, LED lighting, and branded upholstery, soft goods, and art.
  • Ensure seamless project execution, from design to installation.
  • Garner positive feedback and attention from attendees.
gala-games-and-music-tradeshow- custom booth interior
gala games and music tradeshow- volo events
experiential-marketing- custom tradeshow booth crowd

VOLO worked closely with Gala Music and Gala Games to understand their individual requirements and create a cohesive custom trade show booth experience. The following steps were taken to address the challenges and achieve the desired outcome:

a) Project scoping and design: Detailed discussions were conducted to identify the brand identities, target audiences, and desired atmosphere for the booth. The design concept included a bar area, gaming stations, and interactive elements to showcase both Gala Music and Gala Games.

b) Installation and setup: A skilled team from VOLO Events Agency managed the booth installation, ensuring seamless integration of interactive elements and attention to detail.

c) Collaboration with food truck vendors: The design incorporated various food truck vendors to provide daily-changing culinary experiences adjacent to the booth, offering attendees a variety of delectable options.

immersive-custom-tradeshow-exhibit-logo on floor

The custom trade show booth proved to be a resounding success. Attendees were captivated by the immersive brand experience and interactive elements. Guests could enjoy the bar area, have a drink, listen to Gala music artists, and play Gala video games on the dedicated gaming stations. The inclusion of custom millwork, LED lighting, and branded upholstery and soft goods created a visually stunning environment that effectively reflected the brand identities. The daily-changing food trucks adjacent to the booth added an element of surprise and epicurean delight to the attendee experience.

Through innovative design, meticulous execution, and effective collaboration, VOLO Events Agency successfully delivered an immersive and interactive custom trade show booth for Gala Music and Gala Games at the Pollstar! Live and GDC events. The booth’s integrations showcased the unique offerings of both brands and garnered significant attention and positive feedback from attendees. This case study exemplifies VOLO’s ability to create captivating and engaging experiences that elevate brands and leave a lasting impression at trade show events.

gala-games-volo- booth interior logo and drinks

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