Kubo Tent


Cubic. Glass. Green.

Advanced German product development and engineering plus modern manufacturing technology combine to offer a premium quality tent product comprised of sustainable elements. The Kubo is a special tent design diversion created for use at special events, marketing suite promotion outreaches and trade shows that will earn “Best of Show” status for its user. With its rectangular shape, high and gently-sloping ceiling and its spacious outside design surfaces the Kubo ensures must-visit visibility and top image value wherever it is deployed. Enhanced by newly developed, innovative system modules that are designed to improve energy efficiency from its creative roof and side walls, this tent system’s value screams “PLEASE ENTER” and “WE’VE GONE GREEN”.

  • Kubo is a spacious, one-floor event and show tent with a tall 4 meter side height
  • Variety of facade options: wall elements made of insulated hard-PVC or safety glass may be either horizontally or vertically oriented
  • Kubo’s surrounding 1.5 meter high roof parapet accentuates the cubic design and serves as the tent’s graphics pallet for presenting marketing and branding messages.
  • Partial insulation: thermo inflated roof membrane coverings, thermal wall cassettes and double-glazed safety window panels are available as side cladding options
  • Facade-mounted system: use the entire side facade of the structure for special branding as a marketing and advertising medium without having to add expensive substructures.


Width (m) 10.18 15.18 20.18
Eaves height (m) 3.86 3.86 3.86
Ridge height (m) 4.62 4.93 5.24
Clear eave height (m) 3.53 3.53 3.53
Clear ridge height (m) 4.14 4.45 4.76
Height roof parapet (m) 1.48 1.48 2.45
Total height 4.95 4.95 5.92
Roof slope 7° 7° 7°
Gable truss (m) 5.09/5.00 5.09/5.00 5.09/5.00
Truss distance (m) 5.00 5.00 5.00
Longest component (m) 5.31 8.20 10.72
Truss profile (mm) 300×120 300×120 300×120
Min. assembly length (m) 10.00 15.00 20.00

Ground anchoring: Either with steel tent stake anchors, embedded concrete anchors or blasting. Snow Load: None in standard Kubo but please enquire about retro-engineering for increased loading. Wind load: as per International Building Code for temporary structures. 3.26 m eave height available on request.

kubo clearspan tent
  • Example: Losberger Kubo 10 x 10 m with horizontal glass elements and facade system
kubo clearspan tent
kubo clearspan tent
kubo clearspan tent

Energy Efficient

Kubo is equipped with a thermo roof cover system as a standard product detail. The double-layered roof covering is inflated to low pressure creating air cushions so the dead air space in these membranes offer higher insulation properties. And, the formation of condensate on the roof cover’s inside ceiling layer is subsequently eliminated.

Horizontal floor-to-ceiling safety glass windows will assure total transparency and energy savings through the use of double-glazed window inserts. In addition, new horizontal thermo PVC wall cassettes with a filigree texture and appearance provide improved insulation properties over other types of tent side cladding. Green. Because the Kubo tent system drives from maxiflex and uniflex tent systems design, traditional vertical wall elements made of hard-PVC or glass cassettes may also be selected for Kubo facades. User designed flexibility.

Kubo offers generous vertical surface areas for graphics design especially useful for the presentation of branding and advertising messages. The graphics banners attach toa facade-mounted framing system which is already integrated into the existing tent system so there is no need for adding a separate, expensive infrastructure to tension that design pallet. Facade banners allow event organizers to fashion their Jubo with an impressive, individualized design.