Easyflex Basic P5N / Easyflex Plus Basic P5N

Especially good value Clearspan tent

Available from 10 – 18 m, the easyflex offers an alternative among the large tent systems, combining high quality and an attractive price.

The material and construction offer the high standard of performance for which we are renowned. Consistent optimization of basic features, simplification of the frame system and the omission of modular related features in particular, make this large tent system especially cost-effective.

Are you looking for a quality system at an attractive price, but offering more options than the standard easyflex version? If so, the easyflex plus version is the right choice. It offers additional options for using the system cassette flooring and system wall elements of hard-PVC or glass.

easyflex or easyflex plus – the right choice when attractive price and perfect function matter.




Modular character for diverse combination and expansion, Trouble-free transport, storage and maintenance. Assembly with and without Losberger system cassette flooring possible. A host at of accessories and special equipment. All system components are standard stock parts for fast availability. The interchangeable tent components within thee system enable various configurations, different width and extensions without expensive special solutions.


Trusses of extruded 4-groove aluminum hollow profiles, maintenance-free, all aluminum components technically anodized. Steel parts are hot-dip galvanized. Truss distance 5m. Roof slope 18 degrees. Integrated curtain grooves in eave purlins and gable wall beams. Prepared for a subsequent installation of system cassette wall elements of hard-PVC or glass. Structural lengths in 5 m increments. Exact joining of various Losberger large and small tent systems possible.


Textile covers made of polyester fabric, coated with PVC on both sides. Curtains with PVC-gliders for easy fitting in curtain groove. Side and gable curtains with standard plug fastening, lace and grommet or zippers. Side curtains with windows available in several attractive designs. System wall elements are available in glass or hard-PVC.

Accessories & special equipment

  • Roof covers and side curtains of transparent foil
  • Aluminum doors (double-wing/one wing)
  • Glass & Cassette wall
  • Cassette floors
  • Ramps at entrances
  • Textile beam gutter or beam flap and many more…