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PacBio (NASDQ: PACB), is a pioneering leader in the Biotechnology industry. Their development of novel DNA sequencing and real-time biological observation tools underscores their passion for the advancement of life sciences.

My job is to push the team beyond their comfort zone, so we can redefine who we are and how we connect with our customers.

– Christian Henry, PacBio CEO

PacBio challenged VOLO Product Launch Events Agency to design and produce a game-changing experience to launch and celebrate its two groundbreaking DNA sequencing products during the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) conference – on a scant 70-day schedule!

The challenge also included making PacBio top-of-mind in the genomics research community, setting a goal of having 300 highly qualified decision makers attend the event.


Watch the video below to hear more about our exceptional service from a client’s perspective.

“We partnered with premier experiential events agency, VOLO, not just for production expertise

but for innovative ideas, strategy, with lightning speed and incredible attention to detail.” 

– Christian Henry, PacBio CEO 

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VOLO presented a daring strategy that would require PacBio to invest in a manner consistent with its sales expectations. The approach had to generate the most impactful performance to the largest qualified ASHG audience segment – and then deliver on orders for the new Revio and Onso DNA sequencing products.

The bold plan required the right elements at the right time at the right venue with the right audience and perfect execution – plus full alignment with PacBio’s branding agency, Linus. The results speak for themselves.

  • LocationVOLO leveraged their long-standing relationships to secure a prime venue for the event – The Novo Theater at LA Live; walking distance from the ASHG conference at the LA Convention Center
  • Relentless Planning, Production and Flawless Execution – design, scheduling, staffing, staging, media and every detail of theatrical technology was expertly managed by VOLO’s industry leading team – including recording the event on 6 cameras in 6K resolution
  • Audience Engagement – LED wristbands and a unique audience photo capture system became part of a larger opening sequence that featured attendee imagery embedded in colorful kinetic spherical orbs that ultimately gathered into a double-helix DNA formation.
  • Inspired Interactivity – Consistent with PacBio’s rep as a technological leader, the event’s CEO host wanted to replicate the interactive technique featured in “The Minority Report” movie – using interactive hand-gestures to control visual imagery in real-time. VOLO’s team developed a digital avatar that delivered this special effect request – which delighted the host and amazed the audience. The technology and programming required for this presentation was an industry first!
  • Visual Design and Artwork – The Center for Creative Leadership has estimated that spatial environment can have up to a 70% impact on message delivery and retention. VOLO is well aware. Special care was taken to program scenic, media and lighting EFX that reinforced PacBio’s branding style and also complemented the larger NOVO theatrical environment.
  • World Class Entertainment – is not only an appropriate recommendation to match a world-class product launch and celebration – it was the right strategy to attract a larger, qualified audience. VOLO leveraged its deep roots in the music industry to secure 3-time Grammy Award ® winning artist, Maroon 5 on short notice. The band performed a full, 75-minute set that wowed PacBio’s important audience. VOLO even managed to arrange a special, closed-door photo session with VIP guests.
  • The Gold Standard in Food and Beverage – The powerful performances were complemented by best-in-class food and beverage service from world renowned chef, Wolfgang Puck.
pac-bio-product-launch-volo-events- light up bands

“13 million impressions in the first 72 hours – and 76 flagship instruments ordered in the first 76 days of launch.” 

The Linus Group – PacBio’s Brand Strategy Firm 

The launch exceeded PacBio’s expectations – tripling the initial goal of attendees, with over 2,000 requests for tickets and 1,200 VIP guests. In addition, the company sold nearly twice as many new units as they had anticipated in the ensuing months – totaling their entire annual inventory of DNA sequencing devices and nearly matching their total annual revenue from the previous year in a single event. It was the most successful product announcement in PacBio’s history! 

The launch received unprecedented press and media coverage – and helped to drive PacBio’s stock price to an all-time high. 

Pretty fantastic for 70 days work from inception to execution! 

Once again, VOLO Product Launch Events Agency delivers on the promise of exceptional performance that yields measureable results. 

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