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After GALA’s stunning success partnering with VOLO Events Agency in the Las Vegas brand launch of GALA Games’ “Into The Galaverse,” GALA turned their attention to the music industry and chose VOLO to help them launch GALA Music – a transformational Web3-based music label.

The launch target was the week of Superbowl. VOLO was given 37 days to secure a location, book A-List celebrity music artists – plus stage, design, staff, tech and manage a memorable and defining event for an exclusive, by- invitation-only roster of music industry executives and insiders.

The challenge included:

  • Locate and secure a suitable venue in and around Superbowl Village over Superbowl week in early February – on short notice!
  • Design, stage and fully execute a show and that blended key messaging about the vision of GALA Music with immersive music, high-def video and live theatrical performances – all to demonstrate GALA’s expertise in the Web 3 space.
  • Integrate a guest lounge within a novel staging environment.
  • Book world class talent
  • Provide world-class food and beverage.
  • Scale, budget, devise, design, staff, manage and flawlessly execute on a fixed budget and within a time-compressed schedule.
  • In short, create a Superbowl-caliber brand launch experience for GALA Music at the site of an epic annual sporting event for a select group of music industry executives, artists and influencers

“I’ve seen the lineup and it’s really wild – great live acts, great DJ’s – I’m just super happy to be out here.”

Marlon Flohr, Bassjackers DJ

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Leverage GALA’s proven Web 3 expertise and recent brand launch success with GALA Games as a persuasive foundation for launching GALA Music – coupled with performances from some of the music industry’s biggest stars.


VOLO secured a multi-purpose indoor arena, immediately adjacent to the Stadium, the site for Superbowl . VOLO negotiated all facets of the venue lease from load in and load out days to power consumption and local labor requirements.


The key challenge then became how to transform an 18,000-seat arena into an intimate venue for 700 curated guests and invitees. VOLO’s staging team responded with a core hub design repurposed from GALA’s Las Vegas brand launch, that integrated 360 degrees of immersive video screens surrounding an articulated performance platform that allowed multiple set-ups to rotate into position. Adjacent to, and leading into the hub, was an antechamber decorated with brand-reinforcing “cube art,” where guests could eat, drink, and socialize amidst several Cirque-like floor performances.

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Performance Messaging & Visual Support

Gala COO Sarah Buxton headlined an hour-long information session that highlighted GALA Music’s transformative plan for artists and fans alike. The session also included interviews, commentary and Q & A’s from notable music influencers like Steve Aoki, BT and radio host Julie Adenuga.

For message support and interstitials, VOLO featured a powerful combination of visual effects and live performance:

  • Unreal Engine-driven excerpts from GALA’s “Into The Galaverse” brand launch, previews of new GALA products, including the launch of GALA’s “Forever Winter” game – replete with “snow” and indoor pyrotechnics
  • All-original dance numbers by VOLO’s Fosse and MTV VMA award winning choreography team featuring bespoke costuming and artfully curated music tracks
  • Original cinematic video content shot and edited on-site with multiple crews and digitally distributed on 360-degree screens surrounding the audience with the hub – including a mini-documentary of artists and managers
  • VOLO also provided UE visual support for musical performers BT, Bassjackers, and 3LAU

World Class Entertainment

The highlight of the event featured full set performances from renowned music artists including 4 time Grammy Award winning band Kings of Leon, and 5 time Grammy Award winning artist H.E.R. These two featured acts were pre-set on a 65-foot rotating stage platform that allowed back-to-back shows without the usual requisite intermission. Guests were thrilled late into the evening with a concluding performance by legendary DJ, Steve Aoki.

VOLO secured and booked all of the talent for the show and provided backline, lighting, sound, staging and massive LED video projection.

Relentless Planning and Flawless Execution

Only VOLO’s relentless planning and attention to detail could deliver an event of this magnitude in such a short period of time – from strategy, rationale and concept through design, budgeting, production, project management, execution and assessment– maintaining the highest levels of excellence.

“The vision is big – and it’s getting bigger every single day!”

Sarah Buxton – GALA COO

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Yet another miraculous achievement on a 37-day schedule at a major venue during Superbowl week! Using advanced project management systems, the latest in mobile technology and online collaborative tools, VOLO created a seamless arc for the guest experience weaving business sessions, visual EFX, dance, music, novel staging, and A-List performers into a cohesive whole – on an intense technical and labor schedule – all to celebrate the reveal of a new GALA brand that promises to transform the music industry!

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