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Linear architecture, cubic forms and generous glazing. When you choose the new high-capacity Palas event and trade fair hall, you opt for elegance and atmosphere ina functional design. Visually appealing and spacious, Palas provides incredible design freedom. Both inside and out. The various facade structuring options make for uniquely contemporary architectural features. Depending on need, wall elements made of hard-PVC or insulating glass can be selected. Thermo roof covers and thermo wall cassettes improve energy efficiency. And the Palas Emporium two-storey variant creates an optimal spatial experience.
Palas – experience events from a completely new perspective. Worldwide.

The system’s architectural components

Palas was developed based on the equipment level of Losberger P1 and P3N systems, making the most of the system compatibility. However, in the product range it is defined as separate large tent system with special new features and characteristics. The basic tent shape is a slightly inclined saddle roof with only 7 degrees of roof slope and a surrounding 2.45 m roof parapet that serves as both an architectural element and a communication platform.

Palas’s advantage is its choice between horizontally and vertically installable wall elements for creating the facade, its lateral height of almost 8 metres (plus roof parapet), as well as its range of variants. The truss beams can bear 1,000 kilos each, which plays a significant role in lighting and stage construction for events. Palas is especially suitable for high-capacity event and presentation halls, where the two-level Emporium variant can be installed. The Emporium cannot be compared to oldfashioned two-storey tents and has considerably more possibilities, such as complete upper flor or gallery. With Palas’s futuristic technology, premium quality and flexible capabilities, we offer a mature large tent solution with a creative, utilitarian new spatial concept.

Energy efficiency

Palas is offered exclusively with thermo roof covers. The two-ply roof cladding is made with membrane technology, giving it greater thermal insulation properties through its pressure regulator controlled air cushion.

This prevents condensation on the underside of the roof cover. Horizontal window elements go all the way to the floor and use heat-insulating glass to offer maximum transparency and high energy efficiency.

Moreover, new horizontal thermo wall cassettes with a filigree look provide better heat insulation properties. Depending on need, of course, traditional vertical wall elements from hard-PVC or glass can be chosen for the facade.

Wall system elements, variants

Palas Tent Model
Palas Tent Model
Palas Tent Model

For special bran and advertising messages, Palas offers expansive design surfaces through an advanced wall system. This has been integrated into the existing tent system and requires no costly additional facade banners substructure. Using large banner, event substructure. Using large banners, event organizers and companies can impressively customize their facades to match their own corporate design.

Palas Clearspan Tent

Technical Information

Type A/clear width (m) Palas
Width A/clear width 10.18/9.88 15.18/14.88 20.18/19.88 25.18/24.88 30.18/29.88
Eave height C (m) 7.80 7.80 7.80 7.80 7.80
Ridge height D (m) 8.56 8.86 9.17 9.48 9.79
Clear eave height E1/E1* (m) 7.46/6.39* 7.46/6.39* 7.46/6.38* 7.46/5.39* 7.46/5.40*
Clear ridge height E2 (m) 8.07 8.37 8.67 8.97 9.27
Clear height under mezzanine 3.48/2.53* 3.48/2.53* 3.48/2.53* 3.48/2.53* 3.48/2.53*
Clear height above mezzanine 3.53 3.53 3.53/2.46* 3.53/2.46* 3.53/2.46*
Height roof parapet (m) 2.45 2.45 2.45 2.45 2.45
Total height (m) 9.85 9.85 9.85 9.85 9.85
Roof slope
Gable truss B1 (m) 5.09 5.09 5.09 5.09 5.09
Gable truss B2 (m) 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00
Truss-distance B3 (m) 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00
Longest component (m) 7.67 7.67 10.72 10.72 10.72
Truss Profile (mm) 300 x 120 300 x 120 300 x 120 300 x 120 300 x 120
Min. assembly length (m) 10.00 15.00 20.00 25.00 30.00
Suspended load per truss (kg) 1.000 1.000 1.000 1.000 1.000

Ground anchoring: Steel anchor; max. assembly length: optional in longitudinal direction; snow load: none
(available upon request); wind load per EN 13782; clear from upper edge of ground floor to mezzanine floor
* to the corner strut

Example of Palas 20.5/800 with and without mezzanine

Palas Tent Dimensions
Palas Clearspan Tent
Palas Clearspan Tent