From a natural phenomenon to tent design

New design
Straight lines create an elegance, glass walls for a sophisticated and contemporary look. High-quality practical flooring. A modern twist with individuality. This is the Cyclone.

New perspective
Cyclone – a trendsetting design that provides a breath of fresh air for any event. Thanks to its architecturally unique shape., this mobile tent solution always attracts attention; clear lines side heights of 2.70 m and a one-of-a-kind roof provide a new futuristic appearance from all four elevations. Space-age design awaits inside taking you to a new dimension.

Cyclone quatro (4)


Cyclone esquina (3)


Cyclone onda (4)


Cyclone gamma (3)


Cyclone duo (2)


Cyclone mono (1)


New design options

The Cyclone features a flat roof which inclines towards one corner. At this point, the roof surface narrows like a cyclone downwards with a slightly increasing side curvature. The drainage runs through here.

A great idea. Combine several Cyclones and create a unique landscape of tents, making your event sophisticated with an air of originality. Take advantage of the new shapes when doing so: duo, gamma, Honda, esquina or the complete funnel version quatro. Use the individual design options to give your event a personal note. Innovation with trendsetting design. Cyclone.

Losberger Cyclone
Base area (mono) 5 m x 5 m
Span width 5 m
Leg spacing 4.92 m
External ridge height (with flooring) 2.80 m
Eave height (with flooring) 2.70 m
Legs 100 x 100 mm
Eave purlins 108 x 124 mm
Longest profile (eave purlins) 5.02 m