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VOLO provides sales and rental of tent fabric structures for temporary industrial warehouses for storage of materials and equipment. Our temporary warehouses and semi-permanent industrial storage tents include economically priced engineered tent structures ranging from 30′ to 300′ wide and are available in any length. We offer affordable solutions for temporary warehousing with fabric covered buildings in two types and profiles: Arch (semicircular, quonset) and ClearSpan (gable).

VOLO offers turnkey expertise in budgeting, planning and set-up, in addition to the dismantling of your industrial tent warehouse afterwards. Our team of expert project managers, tent engineers and licensed architects work to maximize your budget and solve your challenges, while remaining quicker to install and less expensive than permanent traditional buildings. All aspects are managed by our rapid-response team including architectural design, CAD drawings, construction, scheduling, logistics, permitting documents/assistance, and safety inspections. We are able to erect a fully-functional temporary warehouse within a matter of days and can ensure a seamless removal when ready.

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VOLO’s high-quality, durable Arch warehouse structures are manufactured with industry-leading galvanized steel.  Arch structures are rated for 30-lbs of snow load and 90 MPH winds, making them perfectly engineered to withstand all conditions. Fast installation on asphalt, concrete or soil without requiring a permanent foundation. Our commercial grade fabric covers are UV-coated and made from 23-mm reinforced woven polyethylene, which ensures trapezoidal tear strength, grab/tensile strength and puncture resistance. Custom colors of fabrics are available. This allows the tent to perform longer while withstanding light pinholes and dirt collection.

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Benefits of Temporary Warehouse Tent Structures:

  • Economical, low cost per square foot
  • Quick delivery and installation by a team of experts
  • Durable, extremely strong woven reinforced polyethylene fabric
  • Natural light and ventilation for reduced energy costs
  • Spacious interior
  • Length can extended to meet your growing requirements
  • Structure is rated for snow load and wind
  • Maximum height and clearance
  • All interior space is usable thus provides time savings getting materials in and out

Accessories for Warehouse Tent Rentals:

  • Lights
  • Doors:  Roll-up and Egress
  • Safety & Fire Package
  • Flooring
  • HVAC
  • Power
  • Custom Fabrics

ClearSpan Gable Profile, Another Popular Choice for Warehouse Tent Structures:

VOLO also offers a wide variety of “gable profile” ClearSpan warehouse tent structures. VOLO’s ClearSpan fabric buildings are custom designed to accommodate any shape and size you require. The contemporary structures also include interior columns to maximize storage area and are rated to withstand 130 MPH winds and snow loads of 30-lbs, making them safe for employees, inventory, and equipment.

You can also choose from an opaque (black) or translucent fabric membrane roof.  For added security, you can also customize your VOLO ClearSpan warehouse with hard-sided walls, taller wall heights and roll up doors.


ClearSpan Standard Sizes:

Length: Available in 5 meter (16.5′) increments and up to 1500′ in length.

Width: Available in 5 meter increments from 10 meters (33′)  to 50 meters (164′): 10 meter (33′), 15 meter (50′), 20 meter (66′) 25 meter (82′), 30 meter (100′), 40 meter (132′), 50 meter (164′), 60 meter (197′)

Height Sidewalls: Available in 10′ or 13′ outside eave height for the following widths:  10 meter, 15 m, 20 m, and 25 m.  Also available in 13′ and 17′ outside eave height for the following widths:  30 meter, 40 m, 50m, and 60 m.

VOLO ClearSpan temporary warehousing tents meet California tent codes for structural engineering and the fabric meets California Fire Codes for Flame Retardancy.


Additional Structures VOLO Offers:


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