Booking Agent Celine Dion

Booking Agent Celine Dion

Born the youngest of 14 children in rural Canada, Celine Dion came from an extremely musical family. Her parents were both musicians and ran a small club nearby, where the whole Dion family would gather at weekends to perform for the local community.

Dion began singing on stage at the age of five, and by the time she was twelve had written a song in French that would attract the attention of personal manager Rene Angelil, later to become her husband. Angelil was so convinced of Dion’s potential that he re-mortgaged his own house to fund her debut album. By 1983, she had become the first Canadian to receive a gold record in France and in 1984 she added to her already impressive list of achievements a performance for the late Pope John Paul II when he visited Quebec.

In 1988, Dion, already a superstar in her native Quebec, won the Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin and shortly after cemented her international success by releasing the soundtrack to the Disney film Beauty and the Beast. This achievement earned her a number one single, an Oscar and a Grammy.

Her hit album The Colour of My Love and the single from it Think Twice topped their respective charts for five weeks running, the first time this had happened since the Beatles managed it in 1965.

Dion’s most famous track My Heart Will Go On from the motion picture Titanic featured both on the album Titanic and Let’s Talk About Love, both albums selling twenty-seven million copies each.

Booking Agent Celine Dion

In 1999, she decided to take a break from show business to concentrate on her family, and baby Rene-Charles was born in 2001. 2002 saw the return of Celine Dion to the limelight with her album A New Day Has Come. The following year, the singer committed herself to performing five nights a week for the next three years in her own Las Vegas show. The 90-minute extravaganza was held at the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace in a 4,000-seat arena designed especially for her show. Five consecutive years of sell-out shows followed and after the gig came to an end, she embarked on a year-long tour of the world in 2008-2009. Dion visited 25 countries across five continents and played for millions of fans.

After taking a backseat for a while, family called once more and the star with roots in Charlemagne, a small town near Montreal, started looking into increasing her brood. She became pregnant with her second child, but misfortune struck in 2009 when she suffered a miscarriage. In February 2010 the star revealed that she had been trying to get pregnant through in vitro fertilisation (IVF). However, the effort did not yield immediate results as Dion underwent four different fertility treatments before a fifth round of IVF finally brought her the outcome she had been looking for. Twins Eddy and Nelson, named after record producer and family friend Eddy Marnay and former South Africa president Nelson Mandela, were born in 2010. However, their arrival was not without tragedy for the songstress and her husband after they revealed that they had initially been preparing for three. She lost one baby in the early stages of her pregnancy when its heart stopped beating.

Six weeks after they were born, the twins were revealed to the world in December 2010 when they appeared on the cover of Hello! Canada with their mother. In February 2011, Dion and her family arrived in Las Vegas ahead of her return to the Colosseum in Caesars Palace, where a three-year residency for seventy shows a year, beginning on 15 March 2011, was due to begin.

Dion also achieved a new milestone when she performed at the 83rd Academy Awards, a record sixth time she was gracing the stage at the high profile event.

Celine’s personal life was dealt two blows in early 2016, when her husband Rene Angelil and brother Daniel passed away within days of one another. After taking some time away from the spotlight, she returned to the stage with an electrifying performance of Queen’s ‘The Show Must Go On’ at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards.

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